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Restoration program "LUXURY RACING"

This restoration program "LUXURY" only applies to race bikes with Steel frame, Aluminum or Titanium , or any other bike without mud guards, luggage rack and lighting".

This PACK includes the following work : (the additional options in the program "EVOLUTION" are characters Orange)

- Disassembly of your bike

- Cleaning and thorough check of all wear parts

- Désoxydation of parts damaged or processing

- Sandblasting of the frame + fork

- Painting "Matt + Varnish" of the frame + fork

- Installation of original stickers under varnish (if available)

- Cleaning and fitness of the seat, and greasing (if leather)

- Dèvoilage and adjustment of the wheels (within reasonable limits)

- Replacement of bar tape (different models at your choice)

- Replacement of the pots (models for new adapatables)

- Replacement of tires or hoses with similar models new

- Winding-full bike with lubrication of parts in motion

- Replacement of cables and conduits (New)

- On-road tests before shipment to verify and finalize all the settings.

The sanding of the framework is realized in a cabin specialist with the abrasive and a pressure respecting the thickness or the material of the tubes to work.

The type of paint proposed "Matt + Varnish is carried out by a bodyshop professional in the cabin, the choice of the color is to your liking in SOLID color, simple or metallic (not pearl or effects candy), if the dings are present on the frame they will be puttied prior to painting without supplements.

The replacement of the markings of the bike, it will be of type "stickers" and placed under varnish, all steps of the placement are identified on the existing before sanding.

The bar tape is proposed type, foam colors, fabric type tressorex or plastic-type Benotto

The casserole dishes offered are of the non - "Patches" is adaptable to a wide classes of levers available, it may happen that the adaptation is not perfect 100% on certain models are more scarce.

All parts used will be from your own bike, if there are some parts "outside of those included in this PACK are missing or defective we will offer you a quote replacement at discount, we also offer you a discount of 20% on all spare parts of the shop (with your project) that will be directly mounted on the bike during restoration.

This program must be submitted to our judgement on pictures before validation

The creation time is approximately 5 weeks but may be extended depending on the condition of the bike, looking for parts missing or the number of restorations in progress.

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All of our used parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked before sale.

The pieces new from old stock may show some traces of storage or be sold without their original packaging.

We are at your disposal for any other issue that has escaped our vigilance.

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